What the Heck Is a TOM Code?

TOM codes reflect credit unions' specific membership type within a field of membership like community, multiple common bond, TIP, or associational charter

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Oct 2



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Everyone in credit unions knows there are federal and state-chartered credit unions. Most know that a handful of states allow credit unions to carry private deposit insurance rather than federal insurance through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

Credit unions are restricted by the Federal Credit Union Act to serve a limited field of membership, which are generally categorized as community, multiple common bond, TIP (Trade Industry Profession), associational or a single common bond. A community charter is geographically defined. MCBs can have a variety of commonalities linking them together, while TIPS can serve nationwide FOMs, such as all the various employees at all the airlines. Associational charters may be based at a church or other organization, and single common bond memberships typically stick with something like a single employer.

But then, FOMs are broken down even further into Types of Membership, and these are your TOM codes. For example, nationwide wide there are 929 federal community charters, according to the NCUA’s June 2018 Call Report data, down from 1,187 in 2008. Multiple common bonds have declined from 2,151 as of June 2008 to 1,490 in June 2018. Mergers have obviously affected a lot of these numbers, particularly multiple-common bond credit unions, which are easier due to the nature of their FOMs. Additionally, 15 credit unions specifically serve consumers associated with chemical manufacturing. And as big an issue as healthcare is these days, only 61 credit unions are chartered to specifically serve the market, compared to 104 in 2008. See the chart below to learn what TOM codes exist for credit unions.

List of Tom Codes & Meanings

TOM Code     TOM Code Description

00                    Community

01                    Associational – faith based

02                    Associational – fraternal

03                    Associational – other than faith based or fraternal

04                    Educational

05                    Military

06                    Federal, State, Local Government

10                    Manufacturing – chemicals

11                    Manufacturing – petroleum refining

12                    Manufacturing – primary and fabricated metals

13                    Manufacturing – machinery

14                    Manufacturing – transportation equipment

15                    Manufacturing – all other

20                    Service – finance, insurance, real estate, trade

21                    Service – health care

22                    Service – transportation

23                    Service – communications and utilities

24                    Single common bond – other

34                    Multiple common bond – primarily educational

35                    Multiple common bond – primarily military

36                    Multiple common bond – primarily federal, state, local government

40                    Multiple common bond – primarily chemical

41                    Multiple common bond – primarily petroleum refining

42                    Multiple common bond – primarily primary and fabricated metals

43                    Multiple common bond – primarily machinery

44                    Multiple common bond – primarily transportation equipment

49                    Multiple common bond – primarily other manufacturing

50                    Multiple common bond – primarily finance, insurance, real estate, trade

51                    Multiple common bond – primarily health care

52                    Multiple common bond – primarily transportation

53                    Multiple common bond – primarily communications and utilities

54                    Multiple common bond – primarily faith based

98                    Multiple common bond – other

66                    Community – Rural District

77                    Community – CBSA(+) Adjacent

99                    [CharterState] State Charter


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