Mobility Satisfaction & Functionality Survey Report

This survey and report were designed to help credit unions benchmark and evaluate their current mobile banking solutions and future mobile products

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Apr 20



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CUCollaborate is pleased to present our first annual Mobility Satisfaction & Functionality Survey Report.

Mobile banking solutions available to credit unions have never been better. This survey and report were designed to help credit unions benchmark and evaluate their current mobile banking solutions and/or possible future mobile products.

Technology is a key component of almost every growth and efficiency strategy in the credit union industry, and credit unions’ core platform serves as the catalyst behind that strategy. So, while credit unions generally tend to evaluate their core processing solution infrequently, the selection of a new core is one of the most important decisions an institution will ever make.
To make an informed choice today, a credit union needs to have a strong understanding of the following: their organization’s needs, each core platform's offerings, which third party integrations the platform supports, and the financial stability of the provider (to name a few).

However, since most contracts with mobile providers are for a minimum of five years, it is extremely important for credit unions to not only review what new features a prospective platform could offer them but also understand how clients on each platform feel about the functionality and support of the platform's features.

CUCollaborate believes the best way credit unions can make the most informed decisions about their mobile platform is through the unedited exchange of information. We hope the survey results in this report accomplish this goal. If you have specific questions beyond what is in this guide, we will make every effort to help you.

Survey Overview

CUCollaborate’s Mobility Satisfaction Survey was sent out via email to 4,127 credit unions nationally. As of November 30, 2014 it was completed by 184 executives representing 180 unique credit unions. The survey was distributed via email and completed using an embedded survey hosted on CUCollaborate’s website. CUCollaborate compiled and reviewed all scores and comments. No edits were made to the text of any comments other than to correct grammatical errors.


This survey is now continually open and constantly being updated. If you would like to get access to the ever-changing research report and anonymized underlying data from our survey, please register and become a member of CUCollaborate.

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