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CUCollaborate Software Release Notes


February 2023
Data Preparer
  • Added new License Agreement to installer for Mac and Windows;
  • Within AIRES file, header names now work as values to prevent error message;
  • Change format of data to XX/XX/XXXX for Loan and Share files;
  • Fix for Error "More than 39 columns when column is empty" while encrypting excel file.
  • Implemented header notification regarding latest version of Data Preparer;
  • Fixed issue with failing of file upload related to 'Execution Timeout Expired';
  • Fixed issue with failing of file upload related to 'System.OutOfMemoryException';
  • Fixed issue with failing of file upload related to 'Value cannot be null' (Parameter 'key').
Impact report page
  • Improved performance for CUs/Leagues (Fixed 500 errors);
  • Started to support Congressional district 118 in Location filter;
  • Removed Congressional district 116 from Location filter;
  • Implemented estimated number of members for leagues and based on this began computing Total benefit to member, direct/total jobs, and economical contribution for leagues;
  • Implemented Trigger for Total benefit to member, which will now be recalculated automatically—opposed to manually—with numbers shown on the page;
  • Implemented message for league users regarding insufficient member accounts.
Demographics Page  
  • Implemented Weighted Average Methodology (removed Montecarlo method).
January 2023
  • Improved “Total Benefit to Member” calculation.
December 2022
  • Released Total Benefit to Member feature;
  • Released Data Preparer with new features:
    -Validation of SSN/TIN;
    -Warning messages and Errors (Critical) messages;
    -Export file features (User can export report with warnings and errors).
  • Added a button with tooltip that leads to the CDFI API;
  • Added a button with tooltip that leads to the LID API.


February 2023
  • Added Full Location of the Prospective Association to the SEG Request Letter to be fully compliant with NCUA requirements;
  • Added User Guide for CAPRIS submission for associational forms.
January 2023
  • Implemented User Guide to CAPRIS submission for organizational SEGs.
December 2022
  • Implemented functionality to resize logo on SEG application;
  • Fixed file upload on SEG application global workflow.


February 2023
  • Added feature allowing credit unions who have uploaded their AIRES files to view and map members' home addresses across their entire service area;
  • Improved visibility of low-income designated areas with increased visual transparency.
January 2023
  • Initiated support of CDFI Updated Investment Area Eligibility 2016–2020 ACS Data for Report builder and Interactive mapping;
  • Changed CO-OP ATM pin color in interactive mapping to make it more visible.
December 2022

No notes.


February 2023
  • Fixed issue with initiating JavaScript integration;
  • User can now answer survey question if address contains the "#" symbol.
January 2023
  • Home page changed from JoinCU dashboard to My organization;
  • Fixed issue with adding new FOM rules templates;
  • Eligibility validation engine now able to implement the following type of rule: “Employees of [company name] works at [location] and paid from [company HQ]”;
  • Editing of FOM rules disabled.
December 2022
  • Release of Export of User Activity;
  • Improvement of communication in export file user device, OS and browser;
  • Implemented functionality to resize logo on JoinCU survey;
  • Improvements made to FOM rules configuration data consistency.

Partner API

February 2023

No notes.

January 2023

No notes.

December 2022
  • Section added to navigation panel with link to API documentation.


February 2022

No notes.

January 2022

No notes.

December 2022

No notes.