Kickstarter Launch for Credit Union Match

CUCollaborate™ is pleased to announce the launch of their “Credit Union Match” Kickstarter Project.

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Mar 27



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WASHINGTON, D.C.—CUCollaborate™ is pleased to announce the launch of their “Credit Union Match” Kickstarter Project.

The project asks for support from consumers, credit unions, and credit union partners to help fund the development of a new consumer facing website. The project would be different from existing industry consumer websites in that it would provide consumers with information only on credit unions they are eligible to join rather than simply presenting them with a list of credit unions with branches in the vicinity.

It is CUCollaborate's hope that Credit Union Match will serve as the foundation for a sustainable, well funded collaborative marketing campaign in the near future. The website will be able to provide direct leads to credit unions or even populate consumers’ information into online account opening platforms if their Kickstarter hits the stretch goal of raising one hundred thousand dollars.

CUCollaborate has plans to develop the website and search engine and then share the tool for free with any organization interested in hosting the search engine on its website. By creating a single platform that can be easily adopted by others, CUCollaborate believes that Credit Union Match can both unify and facilitate additional collaboration within the industry.

CUCollaborate was founded by Sam Brownell in April of 2014 . Prior to starting the company, Brownell served as Associate Vice President of Product and New Market Development at Callahan & Associates located in Washington, D.C.

To learn more about CUCollaborate’s Kickstarter project, Credit Union Match, visit

CUCollaborate™ is a Washington, D.C.-based, independent, membership association for credit unions and their partners. CUCollaborate’s mission is to facilitate collaboration that helps executives better manage and direct their credit unions so that they can accelerate their growth while reducing risk. 

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