Custom Credit Union Research &
Data Science

CUCollaborate offers credit unions and other industry organizations in-depth custom quantitative research and data science services.

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Your business is our business, and we’d like to be a long-term partner with you as you grow. That said, we have included per project pricing to allow for “apples-to-apples” comparison with our competitors and analyze the optimal approach for your organization.

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Macroeconomic Analysis

Analysis of national and local economic conditions and trends affecting credit unions and their communities. Macroeconomic updates and forecasts.

Benchmarking Using Public and Private Databases

Long-term (1980-present) analyses of individual credit unions’ financial performance (e.g., ROA, loan losses, capital) and member-centric performance (e.g., interest rates, growth, product breadth, credit inclusiveness), compared with tailored sets of peer institutions.

Long-term comparative analyses for subsets of credit unions, such as those within an asset size range, geographic area, charter type, field of membership type, etc.

Analysis of the past and potential impacts of charter conversions, field of membership (FOM) expansions, adoptions of low-income designation (LID), community development financial institution (CDFI) status, etc.

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Internal Credit Union Data Models & Analysis

Analysis of credit unions’ internal regulatory data to optimize loan composition, loan revenues, financial sustainability, and credit inclusiveness.

Data Visualization

Development of custom data visualizations to help managers, board members, frontline employees, and members easily understand and interpret credit union-wide data and individual member data.

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Custom Credit Union Research

Our team combines decades of research experience in economic, financial, statistical, regulatory, and legal expertise that can serve your tailored research needs.