CUCollaborate Software Updates for July–September 2022

Discover the latest CUCollaborate software releases and updates for the period between July and September 2022.

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Oct 28



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Learn what changes and improvements we've made to our software platforms over the last quarter, and how they can help your credit union.

Each quarter, CUCollaborate publishes updates on new software features and fixes to highlight the ways in which we continue to work to improve our products and their overall user experience.

Here's what we've rolled out over the last three months:


For our credit union data analytics software AnalyzeCU, we have:

  • Enhanced geocoding service;
  • Increased file processing speed and capacity;
  • Added the ability to export records in CDFI Pre-Qualification;
  • Improved usability for error handling and messaging in the Data Preparer application.


For our new member acquisition software JoinCU, we have:

  • Enhanced field of membership (FOM) rule management;
  • Updated the Select Employee Group (SEG) application to automatically add groups to the software's decision logic.

Business Development Software

For our Select Employee Group prospecting software, we have:

  • Improved the SEG workflow for schools.


Broader updates impacting CUCollaborate users include:

  • Updating to 2016–2020 American Community Survey Census data;
  • Improving overall platform performance, automation and security capabilities.

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