National Auto Loan Network and CUCollaborate Partner

NALN and CUCollaborate Partner to Help Credit Unions Retain Low-Income Designation and CDFI Certification

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Dec 26



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NALN and CUCollaborate

New Partners

The National Auto Loan Network (NALN) and CUCollaborate have entered a strategic partnership to connect credit unions with more individuals in underserved areas and populations. By leveraging CUCollaborate’s ApplicationProgramming Interfaces, NALN can now identify and memberize consumer applicants, assisting credit unions in attaining and retaining their Low-IncomeDesignation and CDFICertification (CDFI).

“Through this strategic partnership with CUCollaborate, we embark on a mission to empower credit unions in attaining and retaining their low-income designation and CDFI Certification. Together, we aspire to build a collaborative ecosystem that not only supports but also champions the communities they serve, fostering a resilient and inclusive financial land scape for all,” said Marco Rasic, President and CEO of NALN.

“Our newly formed partnership with NALN will provide another tool to support credit unions’ LID and CDFI strategies,” commented Sam Brownell, Founder and CEO of CUCollaborate. “As credit unions continue to navigate connecting their mission to business practices, reaching members through these governmental programs will become ever more critical.”

Upcoming LID Webinar

NALN and CUCollaborate are hosting a joint webinar for credit unions on January 17,2023, from 3 pm to 4 pm ET. Please register here. More information on how credit unions can benefit from this new partnership maybe found at

About NALN

NALN has operated as a direct-to-consumer auto financecompany since 2010, specializing in the refinancing of consumer auto loansthroughout the United States. The company’s objective is to address the needsof underserved individuals by offering equitable and accessible access tomarket-rate financing. This is achieved through strategic partnerships withbanks, finance companies and credit unions.

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