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Analyze Member & Loan Data

Impact Report
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Community Impact Measurement

Quantify the impact you are having on your members' lives and your community. AnalyzeCU measures your credit union's impact on: member's financial capabilities, jobs created or sustained, contribution to GDP and how well you are serving rural and economically distressed communities, either overall or within a specified area.

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Membership Demographics

Better understand who your members are and who you are not serving in your community. Analyze Race & Ethnicity, Spoken Language, Income, Housing, Educational Attainment, Transportation, Healthcare Coverage, etc.


CDFI & LID Analysis

AnalyzeCU lets credit unions track how they are doing on either attaining or retaining a Low Income Designation or CDFI Certification.

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Shareable Reports

Reports can be exported to help you communicate your numbers internally or externally.


AnalyzeCU & ExpandCU

AnalyzeCU and ExpandCU work together to allow you to plot your members and loans on a map. You can see how exactly how your members are dispersed, show your market share, identify gaps in your service network, etc.

Additionally, if you are looking for the areas you want to serve the two tools work together to allow you to identify markets with demographics matching your most profitable members or a custom defined demographic you want to target.


Start Analyzing Your Data

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