HCUA and CUCollaborate Align to Expand Reach of Healthcare Credit Unions

Discover how the strategic partnership between HCUA and CUCollaborate is set to revolutionize healthcare credit unions, enhancing growth, innovation, and service.

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Mar 11



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The Healthcare Credit Union Association (HCUA) and CUCollaborate have joined forces in a strategic alliance, setting the stage for enhanced service delivery within the healthcare and credit union communities. By uniting the strengths of HCUA's deep-rooted connections within the healthcare sector and CUCollaborate’s technological and consulting prowess, this alliance better equips credit unions with the tools they need to grow.

Growth Beyond Survival: The Vision of HCUA and CUCollaborate

Benita Harp, Executive Director of HCUA, emphasized the critical need for credit unions to not only survive but to thrive. "In the face of consolidation within the credit union landscape, understanding the pathways to growth has never been more important," Harp notes. “Our partnership with CUCollaborate is exemplary of our commitment to providing our members with resources to help them achieve their goal in serving healthcare employees around the globe" she said. This partnership stands as a testament to HCUA's commitment to empowering its members, aiming to enhance their ability to serve healthcare employees globally with unparalleled dedication and efficiency.

The collaborative effort between HCUA and CUCollaborate is grounded in a shared mission: to provide the necessary tools and resources for credit unions to achieve sustainable growth. Through this alliance, healthcare credit unions are poised to gain access to innovative strategies and state-of-the-art software solutions, tailored specifically to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of the healthcare sector.

A Catalyst for Expansion and Innovation

CUCollaborate, under the leadership of Founder and CEO Sam Brownell, brings to the table a suite of consulting and software services designed to propel credit unions forward. From field of membership expansions and charter conversions to leveraging regulatory programs like LID and CDFI, CUCollaborate’s offerings are meticulously crafted to attract and retain members through cutting-edge technology and strategic insights.

"Aligning with the Healthcare Credit Union Association is a deliberate step towards supporting the healthcare community nationwide. We are thrilled to join forces with HCUA to highlight the critical role of credit union services within the healthcare sector," reflects Brownell. This partnership is envisioned as a cornerstone for highlighting the indispensable role of credit union services, helping to shape a future where financial support and healthcare services converge.

Educating for Excellence: The Journey Ahead

An integral part of this collaboration will involve hosting webinars for HCUA members, offering insights and information tailored to the unique needs of healthcare credit unions. A special kickoff webinar is scheduled for later this month, with invitations soon to be extended to all HCUA members, marking the beginning of a promising journey towards greater impact and service delivery within the healthcare and credit union communities.

With the combined forces of HCUA and CUCollaborate, the path towards enhanced growth, innovation, and service excellence is not just a vision but real action! Stay tuned for updates on this new partnership.

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