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The Credit Union League of Connecticut will implement CUCollaborate’s technology platform, JoinCU, on its website to make it easier for consumers to find Connecticut credit unions to join.

Washington, D.C November 19, 2019: CUCollaborate announces that The Credit Union League of Connecticut will begin using JoinCU, CUCollaborate’s consumer eligibility validation solution, as a credit union search engine on its consumer awareness website –

JoinCU takes the concept of “Find a Credit Union” beyond zip code lookups and delivers a “Join a Credit Union” solution that solves the membership eligibility problem for consumers. The solution removes the confusion and obstacles associated with credit union eligibility by providing consumers with a list that only contains credit unions they are eligible to join.

“JoinCU makes it easier than ever for a consumer to bring their financial business to a credit union, whether they wish to earn more interest on their checking or savings account, or lower their rates on their car loan, credit card, or even their mortgage, said Bruce Adams, President/CEO of the Credit Union League of Connecticut. “With JoinCU, consumers can now embrace the credit union difference and find the credit union that is the best fit for them.”

“CUCollaborate’s mission is to help credit unions accelerate growth while reducing expenses and risk. One way we accomplish this is by helping more consumers find, join, and borrow from credit unions,” says CUCollaborate Founder Sam Brownell. “We are excited to implement JoinCU on The Credit Union League of Connecticut’s website because we believe it will increase the number of new members joining Connecticut’s credit unions. We hope other organizations trying to boost consumer awareness and drive national growth will follow Connecticut’s lead.”

CUCollaborate offers JoinCU to credit union leagues and associations looking to support and grow credit union membership.


About CUCollaborate

CUCollaborate, is a consulting, software development, and digital marketing company whose mission is to help credit unions grow. CUCollaborate primarily focuses on addressing credit union’s biggest obstacle to growth, field of membership. CUCollaborate specializes in expanding credit union fields of membership to the greatest degree possible, eliminating the friction field of membership causes in consumer acquisition, and delivering strategies that help credit unions efficiently attract new members, loans, and deposits.


About The Credit Union League of Connecticut

The Credit Union League of Connecticut serves, advocates for, and advances the interests of Connecticut credit unions in order to support their growth and maximize the positive impact credit unions have on their members, communities, employees, and on all their relationships. For the past 85 years, The Credit Union League of Connecticut has helped its members position for sustainable success and growth through a variety of offerings including government relations, regulatory compliance, executive education, vendor partnerships, and marketing services.


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