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Market & Opportunity Assessment

Our goal as a company is to completely remove field of membership from the equation as an obstacle to your credit union's growth. Ask us about putting together a presentation specific to your credit union to go through field of membership generally and the different opportunities available to you. We will analyze your credit union's branch structure, business model, and growth goals to identify the best ways for you to expand . We have developed proprietary field of membership analysis software that enables us to go through all possible underserved area expansions and show you on a map the best possible underserved area for your credit union. We can present remotely, or come present to you and your board in person to ensure all internal stakeholders are on the same page.

Application Writing & Project Management

The Amendment Application Guide is over 100 pages and often times the NCUA comes back with changes to the application. Let CUCollaborate take care of the whole process for you! We can either equip you with resources so you can better explore and develop your own strategies or you can hire us to present strategies to you and help you execute on them. We guarantee your application will be accepted. Our clients are credit unions under a variety of charter types. We can help credit unions who are federally or state chartered as well as community, multiple common bond or TIP charter. 

Approval Guarantee

When you work with us you don't have to worry about wasting time and money on applications that get denied by the NCUA. When we write a field of membership amendment application, we guarantee it will be approved.

Our Services

You can hire us to file a single amendment application, but most of our clients choose to hire us on retainer. With this option you will have access to all of our products:

  • Consulting, including unlimited amendment applications
  • ExpandCU, our one-of-a-kind proprietary field of membership software
  • JoinCU, a solution for seamlessly determining membership eligibility 
  • Software that targets digital marketing to people eligible to join your credit union
  • A solution that streamlines the process of adding SEGs
  • Adding a Low-Income Designation

And more! We are always developing new software to meet our clients' needs and a retainer gives you access to our future products.


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