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 Your business is our business and we’d like to be a long-term partner with you as you grow. That said, we have included per project pricing to allow for “apples-to-apples” comparison with our competitors or if this is the preferred approach for your organization. Call us today to learn more about how we can expand your field of membership at (202) 831-2500 !

Field of Membership Consulting

Expand Your Field Of Membership

Our goal as a company is to completely remove field of membership from the equation as an obstacle to your credit union's growth. Ask us about putting together a presentation specific to your credit union to go through field of membership generally and the different opportunities available to you. Download our FOM Handbook for more information on field of membership

Field of Membership Services:

  • Market and Opportunity Assessment 
  • Application Writing
  • Project Management
  • Application Approval Guarantee 

 Learn more about our credit union field of membership consulting services here.

Business Development

Adding Select Employee Groups

CUCollaborate has developed a SEG Application software solution for streamlining the process of adding SEGs. It takes basic information from an online form that prospective SEGs fill out and uses it to automatically produce a SEG request letter, a letter for your Board of Directors to vote on, and a completed NCUA 4015 form.

Business Development Offerings:

  • SEG Application
  • Adding An Association

Branch Strategy

Grow Your Branches and ATMs

CUCollaborate is committed to making sure you find the best site possible for your next branch. We know this is a big decision which is why we are dedicated to walking you through the process step by step and committed to full transparency.

Branch Strategy Services: 

  • ATM/Branch Network Optimization
  • Branch Concept Development
  • Expansion Analysis
  • Training and Development
  • Site Feasibility
  • Universal Banker Implementation

Learn more about our Credit Union Branch Strategy services.

Charter Conversion

Is Your Credit Union Charter Type Still Working?

Credit unions must re-examine their big-picture needs from time to time, and that often leads to the question of whether you’re operating under the appropriate charter. It may have worked in the past, but will it take you where you want to go? Community charter or multiple common bond? State or federal? Given the changes in your business, the economy and regulations, it’s a good idea to look into all of these questions occasionally. We’ll start with a primer on state to federal charter conversions.

We can help both state and federal credit unions convert their charter. Below are some resources on charter conversion.

Learn more about our charter conversion consulting services.

Low Income Designation

Need Help Qualifying?

Becoming a credit union that has a low-income designation provides a variety of benefits such as secondary capital, loan/grant opportunities and special field of membership rules. CUCollaborate can help you successfully navigate this process as well as demonstrate how this will impact your field of membership. Download our Low-Income Designation guide to learn more about the benefits of switching. 

We can help you qualify for a low-income designation so you can access the following:

  • Nonmember Deposit Benefits
  • Secondary Capital
  • Member Business Lending Cap Exemption
  • Loan and Grant Opportunities
  • Special Field of Membership Rules
  • CDFI Application Assistance

Learn more about qualifying for a low-income designation.

CDFI Certification Consulting

Become CDFI Certified

CUCollaborate is dedicated to helping you navigate the certification process so you can access CDFI grants. Learn more about the process for becoming a CDFIs certified credit union.