Core processor data set

Credit Union Core Processor Data Set

Purchase CUCollaborate's proprietary data on credit unions and their core processors.

A credit union core processor.

Which Credit Unions Use Which Core Processors?

CUCollaborate maintains a proprietary database that tracks which core processor every US-based credit union uses, complete with contact information.

This data is available for purchase in an easily filterable Excel file, allowing users to sort by core provider, asset size, total members, integrations, and even user feedback and reviews.

Purchase Material

Credit Unions: Identify the Core Processor Best Suited to Your Institution

Learn which core systems most align with your credit union's overall technology profile and long-term goals, as well as which systems other, similar credit unions are using to better gauge how a vendor will match your own products and services.

Vendors: Sharpen Your Marketing Outreach Strategy

Identify the core processor your prospects are using as well as how satisfied they are with their current setup. Review user feedback to understand the specific technology needs of a particular subset of credit unions and utilize the database's contact information to reach out to potential new clients directly.

Inside the Data Set

Our comprehensive vendor profile data set contains the following:

  • Credit Union Name
  • Charter Number
  • NCUA Join Number
  • Physical and Mailing Address
  • Website
  • General Phone Number
  • General Fax Number
  • General Email Address
  • Total Assets
  • Total Number of Members
  • Core Data Processor
  • Internet Home Banking
  • Native Mobile App
  • Mobile Native Integrate Remote Deposit Capture
  • Loan Origination System - Consumer
  • Loan Origination System - Student
  • Mortgage Origination System
  • Online Account Opening
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