NCUA to Resume Onsite Examinations on Oct. 17

The NCUA announced it will resume some onsite credit union examinations beginning on October 17 as the agency continues to reopen following the pandemic.

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Sep 20



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Agency enters third phase of reopening following the pandemic, will resume onsite credit union examinations when possible.

The NCUA will resume onsite examination and supervision on Oct. 17, taking the next steps in reopening, following the pandemic-related shutdown.

In announcing the move, NCUA officials said that given the lessons learned from remote examinations conducted during the pandemic, examiners will seek to “strike the right balance” between onsite and offsite work. “Examiners will continue to conduct some examination steps offsite when they can be completed efficiently and effectively in credit unions that can accommodate the offsite work,” they explained.

Inside the Announcement

In a letter sent to credit unions on Tuesday, NCUA Chairman Todd Harper said that the NCUA will continue to take into account challenges a credit union may be facing, such as the availability of key staff members.

“The well-being of agency staff and credit union employees remains a top priority of the NCUA,” he stated.

In addition, members of the public are now generally permitted to visit NCUA facilities to attend events and to meet with agency officials. “The NCUA will continue to maintain heightened safeguards in the agency’s facilities to ensure the health and safety of staff and visitors,” Harper wrote.

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