Bidens Maintain Credit Union Memberships

President Biden's annual financial disclosure showed both he and the first lady are credit union members. See where.

David Baumann


May 16



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Disclosure reveals both the president and first lady belong to credit unions.

It’s safe to assume that President Biden understands credit unions—he and his wife, Jill, belong to two of them.

The Bidens’ annual financial disclosure report was released late last week and showed that, in addition to bank accounts, the president and first lady are still members of two credit unions.

Each of the accounts contains between $1,001 and $15,000, according to the report.

Which Credit Unions do the Bidens Belong To?

The disclosure documents do not cite the credit unions by name. However, when the Bidens’ 2020 tax returns were released, they stated that the couple belonged to the U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union, based in Alexandria, Virginia, and the edU Federal Credit Union, headquartered in New Castle, Delaware.

edU Federal Credit Union was formerly the New Castle School Employees Credit Union; Jill Biden formerly taught public school in Delaware. And of course, the president himself was a senator for 36 years before being elected vice president in the Obama Administration.

Vice President Harris’ financial disclosure report was also made public. It does not show she and her husband, Douglas, belonging to any credit union.

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