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CUCollaborate, the credit union growth company that

CUCollaborate, the credit union growth company that
helps you with all your growth needs.

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The CUCollaborate Difference

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Our credit union consulting offers a variety of credit union consulting services ranging from field of membership expansion to branch strategy. With our holistic approach, we outline the best growth plan for your credit union and help you execute that plan in reality.

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Our credit union software has a variety of tools that help you expand your field of membership and streamline your processes. All our software and content is built specifically for credit unions. We can help you overcome any of your credit union problems.

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Our marketing solutions allow you to focus on reducing marketing waste. Our marketing partners make sure every dollar spent is focused on new potential members that are eligible to join your credit union. With new field of membership, comes new opportunities.


Credit Union Consulting Services

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Field of Membership Consulting

Expanding your field of membership can be daunting, but our guidance simplifies the process. We leverage our proprietary software to generate field of membership expansion in a matter of hours compared to the years our competition would need to produce the same results.

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Branch Strategy Consulting

Our branch strategy consultants focus on leveraging your data to generate a strategy around better servicing your members. No expansion is too small. Whether you are expanding your field of membership and looking to serve new areas or want to analyze a branch's efficiency, CUCollaborate is here to help make that change as seamless as possible.

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Low Income Designation Consulting

Earning a low-income credit union designation provides a variety of benefits, such as secondary capital, loan and grant opportunities, and special field of membership rules. CUCollaborate helps you successfully navigate this process as well as demonstrates how this will impact your field of membership.



Expand Beyond What You Thought Was Possible!

ExpandCU has an additional feature only available to consulting clients, which considers billions of different expansion options to make sure your credit union chooses the best possible way to expand. As a result, we can identify field of membership options no one else can and that were previously thought to be impossible. 

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Credit Union Software Made With You In Mind

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JoinCU is an eligibility tool that asks a potential member identifying questions and then cross checks a credit union's field of membership for eligibility verification. This tool can be whitelabled into your website to collect leads and provide users a fast and seamless process to see if they qualify to join your credit union.

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SEG Application

We streamline the SEG application process so you can spend more time focused on expanding your membership. The application makes it easier and less confusing for select groups to complete all of the necessary paperwork when applying to become a SEG.

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CUCollaborate’s proprietary mapping software mathematically calculates the best possible field of membership expansion based on the NCUA’s field of membership expansion rules. It validates underserved areas, rural communities and well-defined communities based on census tracks.

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Market to potential and existing members.

Credit Union Marketing 


Location Based Marketing

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Identify Targets

Hone in on your field of membership areas by targeting in-market home and auto buyers based on consumer data of home and auto sales.

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Build Audiences

Using the targeting triggers you choose, our marketing partner will generate a marketable audience based on third-party location data

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Launch Campaigns

Within minutes, you will send a display, direct mail or cross-channel campaign to known households identified as in-market for a home or auto purchase.

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What people say about our services

Solving Our Customer's Biggest Problems

Lynn Gregory

SVP Marketing & Member Services - Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union

Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union is very excited about the new Credit Union Match site. As a credit union serving employees and students of several organizations, the other credit union search sites did not meet our needs.

Mia Perez

Chief Administrative Officer - Louisiana Federal Credit Union

CUCollaborate has streamlined this complicated process by designing a highly functional alternative that shaves hours and even days off the process. Credit unions that have been reluctant to embark upon the journey of expanding their FOM through underserved markets will find CUCollaborate to be a robust analytical partner is helping your credit union achieve ...

Charlotte Leo

AVP Business Development- Advancial Federal Credit Union

Without CUCollaborate, our underserved area requests would not be as comprehensive. I have used CUCollaborate to map different underserved area scenarios. The program has saved hours of time creating reports and provided a lot of flexibility in the specific tract selection options.

Samuel Crane

President/CEO- Desert Rivers Credit Union

CUCollaborate and Sam Brownell have been instrumental in helping us see what our potential as a credit union can be. Their expertise and knowledge have helped us chart a course to help us double or triple our membership potential.

Tom O’Malley

Director of Business Development - Partners 1st Credit Union

We find CUCollaborate to be a huge research timesaver when gathering information on potential field of membership expansion opportunities. Rather than gathering pieces of information from several different sources, CUCollaborate has consolidated data into their user-friendly software.


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