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Voices from our Customers and Industry Professionals

Understand Clients’ Perceptions of Other Core Platforms

I found the CUCollaborate’s Core Data Processing Satisfaction Survey’s user rating and comments to be very insightful. The guide provided a comprehensive one stop shopping list detailing each core platform. The credit union industry would benefit from increased participation on the part of user clients as well as core providers. The longer credit union comments helped me understand clients’ perceptions of other core platforms.

Shay Santos
CFO of Dane County Credit Union

Measure Our Performance Versus the Market

CUCollaborate’s Core Processing Satisfaction Survey allows Quest Federal to measure the performance of our core data processor versus the market and in our case, reinforces the level of satisfaction that we have by comparing to our platform’s results in our peer group.

Matthew Jennings
CEO of Quest Federal Credit Union

Returns a List of Credit Unions a Consumer Can Join.

Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union is very excited about the new Credit Union Match site. As a credit union serving employees and students of several organizations, the other credit union search sites did not meet our needs. To date the other sites have only been based on home zip code and either leave us out of the results because they do not consider the employer, or they wrongly present our credit union as options for consumers who may live near our branch but are not eligible to join. Credit Union Match has put together the sophisticated search capability that is needed to correctly return a viable list of alternatives to consumers seeking access to a credit union.

Lynn Gregory
SVP Marketing & Member Services, Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union

Helps Our Entire Movement

The goal of JoinCU is ultimately to help our entire movement by making it easier for potential new members to find the best credit union for them.

Samantha Smyth Paxson
CO-OP Financial Services

Without CUCollaborate, our Underserved area requests would not be as comprehensive.

I have used CUCollaborate to map different underserved area scenarios. The program has saved hours of time creating reports and provided a lot of flexibility in the specific tract selection options. Without CUCollaborate, our Underserved area requests would not be as comprehensive.

Charlotte Leo
Advancial Federal Credit Union

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