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Simplify the SEG Application Process


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Easy Online Application

With everything online, we can better ensure the accuracy of each application. You'll no longer have to manually complete any forms. With the option to customize your forms, your perspective select groups will complete the form with ease.

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Dynamic Data Integration

The select employee group application leverages our database of credit union branches, ATMs, field of membership, and our integration into CO-OP’s network of shared branches and ATMs in order to search for other credit union relationships. Find a match? We will generate the overlap letters for you.

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We'll Take Care of the Heavy Lifting

We will correctly complete the appropriate 4015 form and dynamically generate a signed SEG letter, which will be sent to your business development team. Your team will then be given the next steps, as well as valuable information, such as the distance between your prospective select group and the closest service facility.

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Backed by an amazing support team

We are always happy to help you solve whatever issues you are experiencing. We guarantee any select employee group application that can be approved will be.

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Streamline Your SEG Process Today!