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ExpandCU Field of Membership Software

ExpandCU is credit union field of membership software that helps every kind of credit union identify how to best grow its field of membership. Whether small or large, federal or state chartered, multiple common bond or community focused, ExpandCU assists credit unions in identifying the optimal area that its regulator will approve or the optimal organizations for the credit union’s business development team to attract as new SEGs. ExpandCU also generates the amendment application instantly.

ExpandCU can help credit unions with:


Our goal as a company is to completely remove field of membership from the equation as an obstacle to your credit union's growth. Ask us about putting together a presentation specific to your credit union to go through field of membership generally and the different opportunities available to you. We will analyze your credit union's branch structure, business model, and growth goals to identify the best ways for you to expand . We have developed proprietary field of membership analysis software that enables us to go through all possible underserved area expansions and show you on a map the best possible underserved area for your credit union. We can present remotely, or come present to you and your board in person to ensure all internal stakeholders are on the same page.